• Ms. Poppy Dixon and Her Lies

    In a propaganda filled posting in Race Relations at DelphiForums.com, Ms. Poppy Dixon said the following:

    Landrith lists himself as a contributor to BET Network though he doesn't provide a link, most likely because his sole contribution was a post in a forum. He's involved in a laundry list of conservative Christian and Libertarian "Foundations"

    I never listed myself as being a "contributor to BET Network". I was interviewed, along with my wife for a story on BET News regarding interracial relationships. The only place I mention myself and BET comes from this line on my bio:

    In addition, he has also appeared on C-SPAN discussing racial classifications, On Point with Armstrong Williams, BET News, and has submitted testimony for the record to the South Carolina Senate Committee on Education regarding Bob Jones University.

    I'll assume it was an accident, not a bold-faced lie on your part. However, since that bio was last updated, I've also appeared on Al-Jazeera, YLE (a Finnish network), and SAT-1 (German network) in opposition to war in Iraq and at a Ralph Nader press event I spoke out against the Administration regarding veterans issues. I was also one of 1000 vets who signed a letter to the president protesting the war. Clearly, I'm a real right-winger. I can't count how many times a conservative has called me a liberal or left-wing and a liberal has called me conservative or right-wing. Odd, I must be both. 🙂

    Interestingly enough, for several years I spoke against BJU (even submitting testimony to the State Senate) and their ban on "interracial" dating" and criticized former Miss America Nicole Johnson for idiotic remarks she made regarding "interracial" marriage. You've distorted the truth by painting me as a christian right winger. Further, I called for Trent Lott's resignation in 1999. I'm an agnostic libertarian and not at home with the religious right. Then of course, my letters to Senators Paul Simon and Carol Moseley-Braun in favor of lifting the ban on homosexuals serving in the military really, really, really makes me a christian conservative. If you're going to talk about me, at least tell the whole truth. I pick on both sides of the political spectrum fairly easily and consistently. I'm also willing to put aside partisan differences to work with the same folks on issues where we agree.

    By the way, in your character assassination, you forgot to mention my association with an ACLU-CNSS lawsuit challenging the Justice Department's illegal detainment of individuals following September 11. – http://www.jameslandrith.com/cnssvdoj.html

    I have a fairly long association with folks on both the left and the right on several civil liberties issues:

     I'm also a media contact for Veterans for Common Sense and a member of Veterans Against The Iraq War.

    I can go on if you wish.

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