Senator wants BJU left out of scholarships





Saturday, February 20, 1999
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Senator wants BJU

left out of scholarships

* Sen. Darrell Jackson says Bob Jones University students should not be eligible for the state's new scholarships or tuition tax credit because the school prohibits interracial dating and marriage.

The Richland Democrat proposed legislation Thursday that would prohibit the practice. "You should not receive state money if you have discriminatory practices," Jackson said.

The state's new LIFE scholarships allow South Carolina students who have a B average and attend college in-state to receive $2,000 a year for tuition, books and school expenses.

Jackson based his proposal on a letter from Bob Jones University to a Virginia man. The letter said the man could attend classes at the university, but his wife could not be a student there.

Jackson found the letter, which was not posted on university letterhead, on the Internet.

Bob Jones spokesman Jonathan Pait said lawmakers knew about the university's policy when the LIFE scholarship legislation was being debated. And he questions why Jackson has brought up the issue again.

"The university is not getting state money. It's the students of South Carolina who receive the scholarships. The only people who get hurt in all of this are the students because parents are going to send their children to Bob Jones University regardless," Pait said.

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