The Walk-In

The Walk-In

by James Landrith

Can I scream?
Scream really loud
Scream to the stars
For the lack of a sun
Scream for infinity
for a world undone.
Love and reality
never exist in one space
in one time.
Can I scream?
Scream really loud?
Scream for a lifetime of wasted hopes,
of fruitless endeavors.
For the innocent children.
For the villian and the thief.
For the absence of love
and my prejudice so sweet.
Can I look?
Look at your face.
See through your eyes,
into your soul.
Lust for your love
For your unceasing control
Stop, this is just fantasy
Such a love does not exist
Such a love cannot exist
Should I scream for redemption,
would you save my soul?
Give me your Messiah
Your eternal hope
I’ll praise your God
and love your Christ
And forever be loved
And forever be saved
Lock me in your world
Block out that which ails you
Forever run from the truth
Hide behind your Bible
Preach your word of God
Never practice it
Never believe in it
That would be too much
That would mean too much
Say you love your brother
Then stab him in the back
Your kind of love,
No God would condone
Tell us what’s really true
May it forever be known

Copyright © 1986 James A. Landrith, Jr. All rights reserved.


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